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***DU Medical Products **Short Date, Overstock and To Be Discontinued
*Operating Room Equipment Apparel
Body Pressure Relief and Positioning Clinical Laboratory
COVID 19 Products Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies
Drainage and Suction Drapes / Coverings
Dressings Furnishings
Gloves Housekeeping
I.V. Supplies Incontinence
Instruments Maintenance and Breakroom
Mask Needles and Syringes
Nurse's Station and Office Supplies Orthopedic
Over the Counter Personal Hygiene
Pharmaceuticals Physical Therapy
PPE Respiratory
Sterilization Wound Closure
>> ***DU Medical Products 
Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Topicals Airways
Compression Garments Custom Procedure Trays
Electrosurgical Products and Grounding Pads Gauze and Sponges
Gowns Hot and Cold Packs
Hypodermic Needles I.V. Therapy Accessories
Nitrile Exam Gloves Non-Latex Surgical Gloves
Oximetry Procedure Caps and Head Coverings
Procedure Drapes and Sheets Procedure Towels
Quincke Spinal Needles Shoe Covers
Slippers and Socks Specimen Collection
Staplers Sterilization Accessories
Syringes Syringes with Needles
Tuohy Epidural Needles 
>> **Short Date, Overstock and To Be Discontinued 
Discontinued Available While Supplies Last Inventoried Items w/Overstock
Short Dated Items w/Expiration Date 
>> *Operating Room Equipment 
Adhesive Tapes Advanced Wound Care Dressings and Topicals
Airways Cardio-Pulmonary Monitoring
Drainage and Suction Accessories Electrosurgical Supplies
Emergency Products Equipment Drapes and Covers
Forceps Gauze and Sponges
Gowns Hypodermic Needles
I.V. Therapy Accessories Instruments Accessories
Knives and Scalpels Lubrication Gels
Needle Holders Nitrile Exam Gloves
Oximetry Procedure Drapes and Sheets
Procedure Towels Quincke Spinal Needles
Specimen Collection Stethoscopes
Suction Instruments Sutures
Sutures and Removal Tools Syringes
Syringes with Needles Tongue Depressors
>> Apparel 
Apparel Accessories Mask
Shoe Covers Surgical Headcoverings
>> Body Pressure Relief and Positioning 
Pillows Restraints
>> Clinical Laboratory 
Blood Collection Chemicals and Solutions
Clinical Laboratory Accessories Clinical Test Cups and Kits
Microscope Slides Pipets and Test Tubes
>> COVID 19 Products 
No subcategories found
>> Diagnostic Instruments and Supplies 
Blood Pressure Monitoring Conductive Gel and Cream
Diabetes Monitoring Thermometers and Probe Covers
Ultrasound Equipment and Supplies Urinalysis
>> Drainage and Suction 
Connector Tubing Suction Canisters and Liners
Suction Instruments 
>> Drapes / Coverings 
Drapes Paper Towels and Napkins
Pillows and Pillowcases Sheets and Blankets
Table Paper 
>> Dressings 
Adhesive Bandages Applicators
Cohesive Bandages General Wound Care
Wound Care Accessories 
>> Furnishings 
Bedding Miscellaneous Furnishings
>> Gloves 
Finger Cots Medical Gloves
>> Housekeeping 
Bags Cleaners, Disinfectants and Deodorizers
>> I.V. Supplies 
I.V. Catheters I.V. Connectors
I.V. Dressings I.V. Infusion / Extension Sets
I.V. Start Kits Injectable I.V. Solutions
Prep Pads and Sterilizing Solutions Tourniquets
>> Incontinence 
Liners Underpads
>> Instruments 
Cleaners and Solutions Skin Markers
Specialty Instruments Speculums
Standard Procedure Trays 
>> Maintenance and Breakroom 
Cups, Plates and Utensils First Aid and Health Supplies
Towels and Tissues 
>> Mask 
No subcategories found
>> Needles and Syringes 
Epidural Needles Needles and Syringe Accessories
RadioFrequency Ablation Cannulae RF Cannulas
Sharps Collection Spinal Needles
>> Nurse's Station and Office Supplies 
General Office Supplies Identification Bands
>> Orthopedic 
Casting Materials and Supplies Orthopedic Accessories
>> Over the Counter 
First Aid 
>> Personal Hygiene 
Hair Removal Skin Care
>> Pharmaceuticals 
Injectables Ointments and Creams
Pharmaceutical Accessories Topicals
>> Physical Therapy 
>> PPE 
Gloves Mask
Medical Gloves Procedure Gowns and Capes
Shoe Covers and Slippers 
>> Respiratory 
Nasal Cannulas Respiratory Accessories
Respiratory Masks Resuscitators
>> Sterilization 
Autoclaves Sterilization Packing
Wraps, Tape and Indicators 
>> Wound Closure 
Fillers and Packing Removers
Skin Closure Strips and Adhesive